Automate Your Library

Introducing Slims 8 Akasia


The Power of Open Source

No cost needed. Just Download.


Faster input with peer-to-peer copy cataloguing.


Make your library card, instantly.


Robust reporting. Print it or easily convert to CSV.

Stock Opname

Inventory check with style. As easy as ABC.

Serial Control

Make list of your serials subscription.

More Features

Go on, try it and have fun. You’ll find paradise ;).

Give it a chance. Download it for free.

We mean it.

Portable SLiMS or PSLiMS is an Apache web server bundled with MySQL and PHP. You can run even run it through your usb flashdisk. Instantly. Don’t bother to install it.

The source code is available for any platform. GnU/Linux. Microsoft Windows. Mac OS. Extract it to your web root directory and continue to install using your browser.

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Current version : 8.3.1 Akasia

Portable Slims

MS Windows portable x86 (32-bit)
MS Windows portable x64 (64-bit)

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Source Code

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