The Community of SLiMS users has become our vehicle to spread SLiMS all across Indonesia...and the world, hopefully.  The SLiMS Community also plays important roles in the development of SLiMS. SLiMS, without the community, would become impossible. SLiMS  community users have made significant changes to SLiMS as a software package, and SLiMS as a learning tool.

Our priority goal is to make librarians, in Indonesia especially, able to make their own decision when it comes to choosing which tools are the best to manage their library. Automation is just a tool. What is important is, librarians can learn something from it, and about it, and not become dependent on something that they  cannot learn or change. Open Source brings the passion of learning into SLiMS. SLiMS has been built not only to become a management tool; we also hope that SLiMS can unite librarians across Indonesia, and the world, to learn together, to become better as individuals and also as professional Librarians.

You can learn from this link,, of how the community has been growing . Do not hesitate to try, learn, and discuss with the forum. Try it for fun ;).