Can't Load MARC

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Can't Load MARC

Post by lsongate » 28 Aug 2021, 08:49

I am a new SLIMS user for our College library. The issue I am facing currently is on the use of copying bibliographies through MARC SRU Service. It is not working and it says Can't Load MARC. Is there any additional plugin to install or how do I enable this? Will appreciate any help, please

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Re: Can't Load MARC

Post by buitenzorg812 » 04 Feb 2022, 20:15


MARC SRU in SLiMS is taking data after the OPAC of National Library of Indonesia, which resides in The error you found might be because of the query you are using is not in the database. If you are want to use more widely known publication especially those are in english, please use the Z39.50 SRU copy cataloging service. It uses the database from Library of Congress, USA. Hope it helps.

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