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Visitor Counter

Posted: 21 Jul 2017, 15:26
by tonton
Hi everyone, I hope someone could help me with this.

On my visitor counter, only the name and institution are the field that appears on the screen. This is good. But I want to add a field (i.e. dropdown) menu for the type of user. I have identified the type of Membership at Secretariat, Staff, and Outside Researcher. I don't have the list of all the employees and I doubt that I can get a list. So, the record of membership only depends on the visit. So, if for example, a Secretariat visits and will fill the form in visitor counter, s/he will be counted as Other Researcher but not a secretariat. That mean, on the first visit of Secretariat and Staff, they will be counted as "Outside Researcher".

So, I want to add a dropdown field that the user will identified them as either, Secretariat, Staff, and Outside Researcher. I hope someone can help me with this.

Re: Visitor Counter

Posted: 24 Jul 2017, 21:20
by buitenzorg812
are those member that you want to show their member type when use the visitor counter, already on the database?

Re: Visitor Counter

Posted: 26 Jul 2017, 11:06
by tonton
Hi buitenzorg812, the member is not in the database of member yet. That is why I want to add a dropdown menu, so when I check the list of visitors and see an un-enrolled secretariat visit, I'll encode his/her on the member so the next time s/he will visit, she will just scan his/her ID. But, I also want to count his first visit as secretariat not an outside researcher.

I understand, that if a member came s/he will be count as Secretariat or Congressional Staff (depends of the type of users you indicated on the type of membership) otherwise, s/he will be counted as Non-Member or Outside researcher.

Thank you.

Re: Visitor Counter

Posted: 04 Oct 2017, 10:19
by tonton
Hello, can someone help me how to enlarge the name of the member after signing in to the visitor counter?

On the lib\contents\ line no. 161, parse error occurs when I enter <h2> before the word "echo" or even between the $member_name. I can only change the note (i.e. Thank you...).

Can someone help me how to make it bigger so the users will easily notice it?

Thank you very much.