SLiMS tdk bisa dijalankan di Jaringan LAN. Bgm mengatasinya?

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SLiMS tdk bisa dijalankan di Jaringan LAN. Bgm mengatasinya?

Post by nona » 17 Jun 2013, 11:39

Programer SLiMS yang baik...
Saya mohon solusi atas permasalahan pada SLiMS Meranti perpustakaan saya.

Ketika saya menjalan apache_start muncul tampilan "AH00558: httpd: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using Set the 'ServerName' directive globally to suppress this message" seperti terlihat dalam lampiran.

Di localhost, SLiMS bisa dijalankan, namun untuk di PC lain lewat jaringan LAN tidak bisa dijalankan. Sebelumnya tidak ada masalah, SLiMS bisa diakses di PC lain via jaringan LAN.

Bagaimana yah caranya agar SLiMS bisa diakses lagi lewat PC lain via jaringan LAN? Mohon banget bantuannya... terima kasih... :D
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Re: SLiMS tdk bisa dijalankan di Jaringan LAN. Bgm mengatasi

Post by gurujim » 25 Jun 2013, 07:07

Maafkan saya posting dalam bahasa Inggris
(Please excuse my post in English)

If you search with Google for "AH00558" you can find some advice. This one might be helpful : ... -qualified

More generally, for troubleshooting when a system worked previously and now does not, you must ask "What has been changed that might now cause the system to malfunction?"

If you can access via "localhost" address then the webserver function is running - so for some reason the other PC's cannot see your SLIMS server. What changed recently that could cause this? Did you change settings or install/upgrade other software?

Possible causes:
Your Slims server may not be connected correctly to your network - so check cables and ensure the other PC's can "ping", or browse to your SLIMS server
Perhaps a firewall on your Slims server has been installed or changed and is blocking access to the webserver port ( 80 or 8080 ) ?
Are the computers all on the same IP address range ( e.g, etc ). If not, make sure your DHCP server is still working OK, or set addresses manually
Try connecting to the SLIMS server by using the IP address ( it seems to be ? ) , not by name. If you can connect by IP address, but not by name then you have a DNS ( and maybe DHCP ) problem.

I hope this gives you something to explore. Good luck

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