Salah seorang kontributor SLiMS, Jim Richardson (a.k.a. Gurujim), telah menyelesaikan salah satu proyek kontribusi untuk bisa dinikmati oleh pengguna SLiMS. Berikut cuplikan informasi yang diambil pada laman grup Senayan Library Automation pada Facebook (serta dapat dilihat pada laman Forum Pengguna SLiMS).

I am pleased to announce the availability of a Turnkey Linux Appliance of SLIMS8.


This is not an official Turnkey Linux release, but it is a candidate for inclusion in the official repository for the next Turnkey release. This appliance provides a secure working SLIMS 8 server, based on Debian Linux, and administered through a web control panel. Alpha and beta version ISO files are here:…/fol…/0B-kc790Ifo_aa2JzZDBZLS1pUHM. I recommend the beta version.


Burning the iso produces a CD which is bootable and which offers the choice of installing to hardware ( or virtual machine ) , or running as a LiveCD for initial assessment. All passwords are set at first boot . Turnkey Linux design philosophy:…/201011…/security-turnkey-lamp.


My aim in producing this is to offer an Open Source alternative for those who wish to run SLIMS on a dedicated server with high security and minimal effort in set-up.


All feedback is welcome